Monday, November 28, 2005

There's No Business Like Show Business.

Once and a while a unique story crosses my desk here at the Planet.

I'm not talking about our wunderkind, Superman, or The Bat Man making a guest apearance here in Metropolis.

I'm talking about a real story of courage. A story of hope.

I'd like to relay a story about young June Lundquest.

Aged: 14


In these days of infinite crisis and uncertainty, she is one of the unsung heroes.

She lost BOTH her parents in the last superbattle. Yes, you read that right.


You folks know the headlines- Midvale Neighborhood Torn Asunder! Super foes beaten by League!

It was in all the Papers, including mine.

She hasn't quit.

She's raising money to rebuild.

She's raising money to live

She's no hater.

I have a new hero today.

It may be that little June Lundquest saves us all.

Hating is so... last century.

Until next time, Metropolis.

- Perry

Friday, November 25, 2005

Great Caesar's Ghost!

Daily Planet


From the desk of Perry White:

This blog thing is created for one purpose.

To clear the air and move the heavens.

(allright two purposes.)

There I was in my hardbacked editor's chair trying to fix yet another cub reporter's drivel, When, lo and behold, one of those damnable "podcasts" comes my way. Some idiot in the art department thought that audio would add some "character" to our intranet.

I wonder how he's doing designing on those napkins at Jack in the Box?


I had just reported on the story of the century, that Lex Luthor, Super Scientist and Criminal mastermind, was in fact a LIAR! and we could prove it.

OF COURSE We'd known that Luthor was evil and the worst kind of scum for his ability to persuade the masses- However, the Government had released him on his own recognizance, and God only knows what abominations he had sent on that damn foolhardy mission to the sun.

We had a duty.
We performed it.
End of story.

I am disappointed boys. There is more sense in that fifth of bourbon in my drawer at the 'Planet than in the minds of you two apple jack drinkin' hics.

Make no mistake, bloggers, posters, podders and slammers- From this moment forward The Newpaper of Record is now on the case. Watching. Listening. Planning. and most importantly THINKING.

Our staff of true journalists will post and write with courage and conviction. We too will be watching the comics, horror and Science Fiction scene. We'll be there for our readers. Always.

Perry White.

Editor in Chief